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PIX 11 was “a Glow” recently, check out what they had to say about our curry puffs, sweet mango sticky rice and award winning pad Thai!


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Glow Thai was just reviewed in–

Here are some of our favorite parts:

“Glow Thai doesn’t just offer intriguingly novel dishes, but it should be noted that a number of Glow Thai’s dishes are, according to Menu Pages, lone or rare options [in Brooklyn].”

“Desserts are a combination of ordinary and more unusual. [Banana rolls are] sweet and savory, as well as texturally interesting with its crisp and brittle exterior and pliable, soft banana interior.  It comes with a scoop of nutty black sesame ice-cream.”

Thank you, Brooklyn Exposed for exposing us to your readership! Come and see us again soon! Glow Friends, click here to see the whole article.

Glow Thai has been featured in



Here are some of our favorite parts:

“an authentic representation of Thai food that goes well beyond green curry, drunken noodles, spring rolls, and pad thai.”

“although standard Thai menu mainstays are the definite best sellers . . . harder to come by dishes like larb (minced salad with chicken, pork or beef, onion, scallion, and toasted rice), quid diow street noodles (rice noodles with fish balls, fried garlic and bean sprouts in a musky broth), homemade pork and rice sausage, and the impossibly fiery — and off the menu — jungle curry aren’t far behind.”

“for Glow’s rapidly growing legion of acolytes, mouth-watering food has become almost secondary to the profound feeling of community Loupos and staff have worked hard to foster . . . ‘When someone likes us on Facebook, we thank them by name. It’s all very personal,’ he said. ‘And what’s resulted is this following of customers that have become our actual friends.’”

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Our now famous “Curry Puffs”.


Glow Thai
7107 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11209
(718) 748-1920 

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